Live on Mlynské Nivy Boulevard.

Choose a home and see what your apartment will look like and what sort of view you will have.

Move up a level,
be closer

Move up a level. Enjoy exclusively priced living in the heart of the city. In a building boasting outstanding design, premium materials and eco-friendly solutions.

Be closer. Closer to the centre, closer to greenery. Closer to culture, work and leisure. On Mlynské nivy Boulevard in Bratislava’s new downtown.

Building height

18 storeys


151 apartments


140+ parking spaces


Exterior roller blinds

Eco-friendly solutions

High-quality green surroundings

Taking housing to the next level

High standards and a low carbon footprint. Green solutions and sun-drenched apartments. A comfortable home, a convenient commute, and easy access to sports and culture. Designer touches in every detail and well-thought-out solutions. It’s your turn to move up a level.

  • Nature closer to you

    Listen to the rustle of the trees as you enjoy the view of the leafy boulevard below you. The green roof provides the perfect climate.

  • Moving innovation up a level

    With us, you get to save your own and nature’s resources. You can charge your electric car courtesy of the photovoltaics, while the integrated rainwater harvesting ensures that every drop falls on fertile soil.

  • Our standard is above standard

    Premium frontage materials, interior furnishings and ample parking spaces. Immerse yourself in the space and enjoy every detail of your new home.

  • Everywhere within a stone’s throw

    Don’t just be sat at home. Take a stroll in the Old Town, hop on a bike, bus or tram, and ride the few stops it takes to get downtown. Or relax in the nearby cafés and restaurants. Pop over to the Delfín outdoor swimming pool or take a walk to Nivy within minutes.